VYZA Translations

for businesses and individuals

Send us the text for translation and we will prepare a non-binding quotation for you as soon as possible so that you can decide if you want to place an order.

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The minimum charged rate is 0.5 Standard page
(compared to the usually charged 1 SP).
You save 50 % at the last page of most translations.
Standard processing includes also check proofreading by an independent translator as well as basic language proofreading (elimination of misspellings and minor mistakes). You save costs – This proofreading is usually charged separately.
Repeating texts in translations: revisions of contracts, manuals, safety data sheets – for a lower price. You save costs – The average price of 1 page per year is lower.
System of volume discounts, discounts on large projects. You save costs.
The translations are processed using the customer’s terminology. We create special dictionaries for customers based on the already translated documents. You save time and money spent on correcting technical documentation.
We confirm your order in max. 30 minutes. You save stress – you can focus on your job.
Guarantee that you will get your translation in time – often sooner. You save stress – you can focus on your job.


Our team is always welcoming and friendly.


We provide all types of interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous, legal...).

We can provide you assistance in your negotiations, on international trips or conferences.

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Fair Prices

We don't raise prices

We offer discounts: quantity, loyalty, special.

The basic price already includes the review by a second independent translator.

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English, German, Slovak, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Dutch, Portuguese… and other EU and world languages